Pharmacy Protocol

Please contact your local or mail-order pharmacy directly for all prescription refills. This is the fastest, most accurate way to receive your prescription refill. The pharmacy will then contact our office if they need additional authorization. We are now refilling most prescriptions electronically, and electronic prescription refills are much faster than faxed or mailed prescriptions.

If you must have a written prescription, please call 847-967-5010 ext. 234 and leave a detailed message spelling the name of the patient, the medication requested, the dosage, amount needed and number of refills. Written prescriptions will be processed and mailed within 5 business days.

Please note that we do not refill routine prescriptons on Saturdays.

Referral Protocol

HMO patients require paperwork referrals for all visits to specialists and for all diagnostic testing. PPO Patients, depending on their plan, may need prior authorization for certain diagnostic tests (please check your insurance plan.)

To obtain a referral, please ask a patient representative at the front desk for a green referral requisition form. Fill out the form, answering all pertinent questions. Please be sure that all information is answered correctly, especially any pertinent insurance information or changes to your personal profile (address, phone number, etc). Return the form to any staff member.

You may also call 847-967-5010, ext 223 and leave a detailed voice mail message for Kenya.

Referrals take between 7-10 business days. This is the approximate wait time for your insurance company to authorize the referral. We cannot give out referrals that have not been authorized. To be safe, please allow 2 weeks for the completion and delivery of your referral.

Without your insurance authorization, we cannot process the referral. Please do not make an appointment with a specialist prior to receiving your referral. We cannot and will not back-date a referral or make any referral retroactive.

If you are an HMO patient and experience a new problem for which you need a referral, you need to see your primary care physician first unless it is an emergency.

If you see a specialist or have a procedure without obtaining an authorized referral prior to the appointment you will be held responsible for the payment of those services. There are no exceptions.